Suraj Kumar Goel

Suraj Kumar Goel

We Indians encounter many superstitions every day and we are following them. Some are plainly stupid but some have a scientific reason behind them which is not very common among people. Here are some of the superstitions and the lesser known scientific reason behind it.

Check them out.

1. Nimbu Mirchi

We all know that "Nimbu-Mirchi" are suggested to us to keep bad sight away. That is not true, but there is a scientific reason behind it is that the thread used to tie lemon and chillies, actually absorbs the acid and thus keeping the flies and insects away.


2. Curd and Sugar before going out

Not a common practice anymore but there used to be a time where mothers offered curd and sugar before people headed out in the sun. Well, this has an obvious scientific reason behind it. You are given Curd and Sugar to keep you fresh and cold before going out in summer.


3. Not allowed to sweep after Sunset

Years ago when there was no electricity, the light of lamp was not enough to see things clearly. Thus, it is suggested not to sweep after sunset, so that ornaments and precious items like jewellery do not get swept away.


4. Stop if cat crosses your path


In ancient times, people travels through the forest on their bullock cart. It had chances to get animals in front of the cart, and animals like cats have glowing eyes which scare the animals pulling cart.


5. Do not go out during eclipse

Everyone must avoid going out during the eclipse to protect themselves from harmful Ultra-Violet radiation and its harmful effects.


6. Don not go near Peepal tree at night

People think that ghost lives in Peepal trees and they will haunt you if you go near Peepal tree at night. Although this is debatable, the scientific reason is that trees do not perform photosynthesis during the night which increases the proportion of Carbon-di-oxide in air. If someone goes near the trees at night, the increase in the amount of CO2 in the air will affect their health and can cause suffocation.


7. Do not shave and cut nails after sunset

As I said earlier, there were no electricity years back, and after sunset, things could not be seen clearly. Therefore, it was suggested not to cut nails and shave after sunset to prevent cuts.


8. Fallen hair brings fight

If fallen hair is left within the comb, it may end up falling into the food when the wind blows. And when the Husband found it, he must have beat the shit out of his wife. And then one day, the figure figured out the reason and the rest became a tradition which ended up becoming a superstition.


9. Broken mirror brings bad luck

During old times, mirrors were very costly, and their quality was too low and could easily be broken. It was said "Broken mirror brings bad luck," so that everyone saves mirror from breaking.


10. Bath after attending the funeral ceremony

You should bath after attending a funeral ceremony to protect yourself from infection through the dead body.