Suraj Kumar Goel

Suraj Kumar Goel

We all have a such kind of friend who never reach the place on time. Suppose if it require to reach at 9 AM, then he or she will be there around 11 AM, means every time he or she will be late.

If you will call them, they have excuse that "yaar raste mein hun, bus pahunch hi raha hun" but in reality he or she is at home. and unnecessary you wait for them.

One of my friend who is a software engineer is also facing this issue. He said he has many friends who never reach the place on time. To solve this issue he has developed a mobile App that will detect whether your friend is on the way or he/she is at home.

This app is build in such a way that app sensor will detect tubelight or fan or kitchen pots sound. If someone is on the way then this app will detect the sunlight and vehicle sound.

This app is very popular among girls who believe that her boyfriend is liar and because of this app they are doing breakup with her boyfriend.