Suraj Kumar Goel

Suraj Kumar Goel

I have almost 5 years blogging experience, and I try to write something for my blog on a daily basis. And as per my experience, I will define top 5 benefits of blogging:


1. Online Identity and build your network: In the digital age everything is online, whether you’re a person or business, there’s probably lots of information about you online.
When somebody searches for you online, you want to make sure that they get an accurate and complete picture of who you are and what you’re all about. However blog is a great way to control your online identity and a successful blogger gains a wide audience of people who trust and respect them.
Your valuable and interesting articles attracts reader, they will comment on your post, will take help from you or vice versa and it will help to build your network.


2. Become a Better Writer: If your hobby is writing or you love to write, blog is the perfect way to publish your articles. And yes, an active bloggers spends their time on writing and became better writer.


3. Get a Better Job: I have read somewhere that nowadays companies find online profiles before making a new hire. Employers want to hire people who have a strong online influence: Put simply, employers prefer to hire people with a positive online influence and blogging is the single best way to achieve that.


4. New startup: We know we do blogging as a hobby, but you know blogging can be your full time business or full time work from where you can earn money as well. There are many bloggers who left their job and became full time bloggers and they earn almost $100,000 per year, great!!!!

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5. Improve Your SEO skills: Search engine is giant hunger, and they like to grab new content easily. Each high-quality blog post that you publish is another opportunity to get traffic from search.


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