Suraj Kumar Goel

Suraj Kumar Goel

Before worrying about how to increase the blog or website traffic, i would like to share 5 key points to focus on blog


1. Use a Professional Blog Design:

Every visitor like to see good website which contains good images, good videos and text..

when reader/visitor look at the blog, the first thing that they judge is how the website look from the design/UX perspective.

also your blog should contain professional images which will reinforce your brand. and please dont place too many advertisements in your blog, because visitor may be irritated and will left your blog after watching too many advertisements.


2. Target the audience:

Some bloggers might be confused when it comes to what sort of content they should be writing.

to run a successful blog you should be as specific as possible, means you have to decide which kind of blog you have, i.e, technical blog, social blog, product based blog etc.


3. Make SEO friendly blog:

Search engine is a big giant, it has billions of web pages. And it will be very difficult to search your blog/website in the search engine if it will be not SEO friendly.

Make your website SEO friendly to reach more vistors 

Click here to know more about SEO friendly website.


4. Use social media technology:

There was a time when website or blog traffic was only dependent on serach engine or via buying web traffic. SEO guys were only focusing on meta data or deep linking technique to increase the web traffic.

Now, it time scenario has completely changes and Internet marketers and Bloggers are using Social media marketing strategies to tap targeted traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ etc.

So make sure you are using social media technology for your blog.

Click here to know more about social media technology.


5. Website analytics tool:

Website analytics are basically reporting tools, who analys and reports website trafiic in internet. means it is usefull to find:

1. How many visits in your website

2. How many times user visited a particular page(average time in the page)

3. Which pages are the most popular

4. From which country user belongs(Demographic data such as what country they are visiting from )


You can use many free web analystics tool, like:Google Analytics, Yahoo Web Analytics Crazy Egg etc.