Suraj Kumar Goel

Suraj Kumar Goel

Independence is what we try to achieve in our life. We earn money simply because we need freedom from poverty. We crave for acquiring power because that way we think no one will snatch from us what we have in life. But a big question is do we really remain happy after possessing all we want to possess? In most of the cases in our everyday life we come across with many people who have achieved a great lot of things in their life after a lot of struggling and at the end of day they are really able to establish themselves as a person having achieved everything in terms of money, name & fame. But still craving for more continues on and on. Real happiness and contentment of mind never comes. As a consequence our mind never reaches that state of attaining ultimate peace and tranquility.


For instance a famous film actor struggles a lot to get a break in just 1 film. Then all of a sudden his wish gets fulfilled and he manages to get the role he has wished to be in. One day he is encompassed with name, fame & popularity but still if 1 Friday his 1 film gets flopped & then consecutively if he continues this performance for 2 more films he thinks of committing suicide just because his 3 films didn’t work but a day was there when he haven’t even thought of getting appeared as a hero onscreen. So once he used to think he would be happy if he can just appear onscreen and now when everything is there at his doorstep still he isn’t happy. So the real problem lies in our thinking and the way we try to achieve things in our life.


We came in this earth to work, we have to work. But the problem is we came to rule but we are being ruled. We came to enjoy but we are being enjoyed. As if the bee came to suck the nectar but its feet is getting entangled in the very nectar it wanted to suck. So the ultimate solution to this never ending search is to seek spiritualization.


Spiritualization can only provide what we all want- Freedom, i.e. freedom at its highest level where we don’t have to crave for more, where we don’t have to get ourselves entangled between life and death as life after death and death after life is that vicious circle which has to be transformed into a virtuous one where death never happens and life goes on and on without craving for more. Spiritualization is the ultimate goal of all species of this world as this continuous process of acquiring life after death and death after life is making us tired and slowly we are wearing out.


Basically there are 2 categories of people one who has seen the light and one who has felt the heat. The first category belongs to great souls like Jesus Christ, Lord Gautama Buddha and the second one belongs to commoners like us. We will follow this route only when we have withered out completely from our inside. The ultimate soul perfection happens through seeking of spiritualization and it can only bring the peace and tranquility we need. A lot of people think that spiritualization is just meditating but rather it happens when our soul reaches that state where we can completely understand that selfless work without expectation is the only way we can keep ourselves free from craving.