Suraj Kumar Goel

Suraj Kumar Goel

Hey, check out the one of the most trusted music app- Hungama.com, the website/mobile app for the unlimited free and legal music/video.

It has many feature like:

- Online free audio/video streaming

- It provide legal downloads for song

- You can download millions of songs and videos form Bollywood and in other language alo, like in Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil and many more

- It has offline play also, means any user can save as many song and vidoes and latter can play those song without internet. 

- Also Hungama.com provide more then 14 live radio station

- You can like ans share your favorite with your friends and save them to your playlist

- And the last which are more interesting: You can earn reward points on listening, liking, sharing those song/videos. You can win free talk time, gifts, gadgets and may more.