Suraj Kumar Goel

Suraj Kumar Goel

Smart phone users have a genuine concern that their phone is working slow and they are facing issue on their phone.
If you are also facing this issue, kindly follow the below tricks to speedup of your smart phone.


Cache files: Whatever app you use, it creates some backup file or cached file which make your phone slow. you have to cleanup that file on their app manager which help to speed up your mobile.


Unusable app: Remove that app which you have never used, this kind of app acquire more space on your phone. Hence it is better to delete this app.


Remove the widgets: You have seen some of the widgets on your mobile screen which are useless, delete those widgets.


Heavy game: If you are playing heavy game, do not play that game on mobile. This heavy game accrue more space of the mobile phone.


Cleaning app: Download and install the cleaning app, It helps to remove the cache file and virus.