Suraj Kumar Goel

Suraj Kumar Goel

Are you using 2G internet data plan? I know 3G and 4G is more costly than 2G. But do not worry, today I will share a trick which will help you to boost 2G internet speed into 3G.



1. Go to the setting option on your smartphone

2. You can see network connection there, click on more option

3. Then click on Mobile network

4. Tap on select SIM Card and select SIM with active data plan

5. Then check for option called Network Mode and tap on it

6. You will find three options called GSM only, WCDMA only and WCDMA/GSM mode

7. Now select option as WCDMA Only

8. Then restart your phone and after that you can browse the internet in 3G speed with 2G data pack

Note: With this trick, browsing speed will be 3G but downloading speed will remain 2G.