Suraj Kumar Goel

Suraj Kumar Goel

Now these days uses of smartphones are increased, but we all facing overheating issue in our smartphone. This smartphone gets overheat because of charging of phone or during using of heavy mobile applications. And sometime this overheating is because of mobile hardware problem.

Now I am going to share some tips which prevent your smartphone from overheating and also it will help to increase mobile battery life.


1. We always use cover in our mobile, during charging kindly remove the phone cover and then charge your mobile phone.


2. During charging always keep your phone on hard place


3. Do not keep your mobile on charge at full night, it will be a reason of blasting of mobile battery.


4. Do not keep mobile phone on sunlight. If your phone back panel is made of plastic then phone will be overheat soon.


5. Keep in mind that do not use charger and battery of other company in. This is also a reason of overheating from smartphone.