Suraj Kumar Goel

Suraj Kumar Goel

Google search is a web search engine, which is google core product. It receive over 2 billion search queries per day.

Apart form that google has also different services, like Gmail, Google+, Google page rank etc.


However some of the google products are shut down which are listed below:



One of the famous social networking site Orkut was born on 24th Jab 2004. It was a very famous social networking site among us. But On June 30, 2014, Google announced it would be closing Orkut on September 30, 2014. No new accounts could be created starting from July 2014. 


Google Compare:

Google compare helps us to compare different insurance and auto products and it was started on 2015 but Google Compare has been discontinued effective March 23, 2016.


Google Hangouts on Air:

This year Google has closed one of the big service (Google Hangout on Air). Now user can use Youtube for live instead of Google Hangout.


Google Nexus:

Google Nexus had started on 2010, but after that Google has launched Pixel Phone then Nexus has shut down.