Suraj Kumar Goel

Suraj Kumar Goel

We have heard many cases regarding hacking of debit and credit information. Hacker thief the information of users debit/credit card and miss-use those information. There are different way where hackers hack those information.


Hence make sure to prevent yourself when you do below activity with your card.


Card Swiping:

When users swipe their card on data skimming devices then information has been copied there. Hence you have to vary careful on that action.


Helping nature:

If you card will stick on ATM machine, then do not take help the other who are standing in front of ATM machine, such kind of people may steal your ATM password.


Pin number on Card:

Do not write your ATM pin number on your debit card. In such case if you lost your debit card then others can miss-use of your card.


Online Payment:

During online shopping or online bill payment when users put card information on the website then there might be chances for hacker to hack your card information. Hence do not save your card information on those website also try to pay online on the trusted website only.


Use of public WiFi:

When you use public wifi internet connection then do do not pay online, hacker will easily steal the card information.


Using third party mobile app:

There are such app which is not available on play store and users download that app from third party website. This kind of app can also steal the information, Hence it is better to avoid online using this kind of app.